My Story

I guess I’ll start my story with… I was born a post WWll baby (known today as boomers) and raised with traditional family values for that time period. My education was harbored in the public school system (I really only cared about the social connections and sports) in addition to one year at a nearby Junior College.

From the time I was small I always wanted to have my own business and started mowing lawns for 25¢ cents per front lawn and that was good money for a kid in the early 1950’s… (gas was about 17¢ to 20¢ cents per gallon, a 6.5 ounce bottle of Coca Cola was 5¢ cents). “Voila” I now was an entrepreneur, and knew that I only wanted to work for myself.

I grew up in the family automotive business and attended the General Motors Automotive Training Center and many other schools earning certifications in all aspects of automotive diagnostics and repair. I tired of this after approximately 10 years and my uncle owned his own butcher shop where he willingly trained me to become a butcher/meat cutter. I then joined the local meat cutters union, an affiliated member of the (AFL-CIO) union and served a 4 year apprenticeship program before becoming a full-fledged union journeyman meat cutter. I worked for many of the major food chains for many more years where (I tired of working for others again) and opened my own Meat Market and Delicatessen.

After years of slicing and dicing meat, I thought it was really time to use my brains and studied real estate and marketing. I became a Mortgage Banker for Wells Fargo Mortgage in the early 80’s and studied Professional Selling Skills (better known then as PSS) administered by the corporate giant Zerox, and their proprietary Sales Teams. I continued to learn all aspects of marketing, copy writing and real estate with the likes of Harvey Brody, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, A.D. Kessler, Ed Beckley,  Albert Lowry and Robert G. Allen to name a few.

Guess what?… it was time again to start my own Mortgage Brokerage Business and Real Estate Company and I did so along with my wife. As our businesses grew larger I needed a marketing/publishing arm to help promote these businesses and started a Marketing and Publishing company which I still run today. After 26 years of doing business I retired in 2010 from our Mortgage and Real Estate Companies, but still maintain a Real Estate License today for consulting and referrals. I still consult on a regular basis for real estate investors, business professionals and knowledge seekers needing financing and real estate guidance.

Today I build websites for my online businesses (such as this one) because they interest me, while at the same time I get to help others using my experiences and knowledge (neat huh?). Because the internet is “work time forgiving”, it makes for my ideal working environment and enables me to be closer with my family, friends and animals.


I’m an avid enthusiast in these areas: I like to study and practice online/offline marketing, build websites, write sales copy, articles and how-to’s, invest in real estate, originate creative financing techniques and tactics, fish, boat, scuba dive, camp, hike, travel, (I love the outdoors), collect cars, motorcycle touring, motor-homing with family, friends and our dog Leger. And ultimately be an everyday life adventurer, knowledge seeker and visionary.




Sea Randall